What You Didn’t Know About Biking Laws in Kentucky

Person riding a bike in a bike lane. Biking laws in Kentucky require drivers to use bike paths if available.

What You Didn’t Know About Biking Laws in Kentucky It is summertime, and the weather is excellent for a bike ride. Before hitting the Kentucky roadways, it is important to be familiar with the laws regulating bike use. Bikes are considered vehicles, giving them the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers on the road. […]

Need a Lyft?

A Lyft driver's GPS instructs him on where to turn. Ridesharing apps have become more popular in recent years.

Need a Lyft? Ridesharing apps, such as Lyft and Uber, have become increasingly popular in the last few years. People all over the country, including Kentucky and Tennessee, who need transportation can use a smartphone to easily hail a rideshare driver. Just like any other driver, rideshare drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles in […]

ALERT: USPS Is Not Giving You A Cash Reward

White man holding a cell phone with an illustration of a scam alert badge. Many online scams offer users a fake cash reward.

ALERT: USPS Is Not Giving You a Cash Reward Congratulations! Today is your lucky day. When you opened your email today, you probably were surprised to see that you had a lost package from Walmart, an error in your Amazon billing, or that you need to claim a reward from Lowes. At first glance, these […]

Hiring An Attorney, Part II

White female reviewing a legal document with a white male. They are discussing the benefits of hiring an attorney

Hiring An Attorney: How Long Will My Case Take? Whether you are injured in a car wreck, have been hurt at work, or have been injured in a fall, there are some common questions that people have while they recover from their injuries.  As a lawyer at Crocker Law Firm, I would like to address […]

Have PIP, Will Travel

Illustration of a family riding in a yellow car with luggage on top. The car is driving down a scenic road. This family is safer due to PIP laws in Kentucky.

Have PIP – Will Travel With COVID restrictions lifting, many of us are looking forward to traveling again. If you are traveling out of Kentucky, it is nice to know that your Kentucky car insurance policy will likely provide coverage if you are hurt in a car wreck. Kentucky state law requires insurance policies to […]

You Hired an Injury Lawyer, Now What?

Injured man shakes hands with man wearing suit for Crocker Law Firm blog post

Whether you have been injured in a car wreck, been hurt at work, or fell at a business, you are likely to feel a sense of relief when you get an attorney to handle your case.

Lemonade for a Purpose

Ice Cold Lemonade for a Purpose Graphic with white text Sponsored by Crocker Law Firm at Bowling Green Hotrods

Crocker Law Firm’s “Lemonade for a Purpose” at Hot Rods games will be set up during Friday and Saturday games this season, with proceeds on Friday nights going to Down Syndrome of South Central Kentucky and benefiting the Boys to Men Leadership Group of Kentucky on Saturdays.