When Cars Collide: Property Damage Questions

Photo of a silver car rear-ending a black car, causing property damage to both vehicles.

When Cars Collide: Answers to Property Damage Questions If you are involved in an automobile accident, you may or may not be hurt, but your vehicle probably is. You will need to make a property damage claim to be reimbursed for the damages to your vehicle. Although stemming from the same incident, a bodily injury […]

Does It Matter Who Caused My Work Injury?

A male patient being observed my a male doctor for a work injury to his back.

Does It Matter Who Caused My Work Injury? At Crocker Law Firm, we represent people who are badly injured while working.  A common question is whether it matters that no one is to blame for the injury. If a person lifts equipment from an assembly line and hurts their back, can they still qualify for […]

PIP Benefits for Wrongful Death

Closeup of a person writing on a notepad while another person leans forward. Wrongful death can often lead to a need for therapy for family members.

PIP Benefits for Wrongful Death It is important to know all the insurance benefits that are available when someone is injured, or even killed, in a car wreck. The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (MVRA), KRS 304.39 provides for basic reparations benefits, also called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits or No-Fault benefits.  Most often, these […]

Do I Have the Right of Way?

A photo of a traffic roundabout, which is often a confusing place to figure right of way for drivers.

Who Has the Right of Way? Whether you are driving, walking, or riding a bike, you share the roadways with others. Kentucky laws help direct travel on or near the roads. Understanding who has the right of way can reduce your risk of an accident. Under Kentucky law, you have the right of way if […]

Driver and Pedestrian Duties

Illustration of a motor vehicle turning and a pedestrian woman walking across a street.

Driver and Pedestrian Duties All states, including Kentucky and Tennessee, want to keep their citizens safe. Therefore, every state has laws that specify the legal duties for pedestrians and drivers using roadways. These duties apply to all drivers and all pedestrians. The purpose of legal duties is to decrease the risk of injuries involving pedestrian […]

Changes to Driver’s License Renewal Announced for Kentuckians

Template of new driver's license in kentucky.

Changes to Driver’s License Renewal Announced for Kentuckians By June 30, 2022, Kentucky residents will no longer be able to renew or obtain a driver’s license from their local circuit court clerk’s office. Instead, Kentuckians will be required to either renew online or go in-person to a regional Kentucky Transportation Cabinet office. Of 18 regional […]

What is a Premises Liability Case?

What is a Premises Liability Case? Premises liability refers the responsibility of landowners or caretakers for incidents on their land that result in injuries. Sometimes these incidents are severe enough to cause death. Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to ensure their properties are properly maintained and safe. There are many locations and […]

Choose Your PIP Wisely

African American Male hands with a document in front of him that says "insurance" on it. PIP is important to add to your insurance plan.

Choose Your PIP Wisely Making good, informed choices is important when purchasing car insurance. Kentucky law requires every car insurance policy to provide at least $10,000 in basic reparations benefits, commonly known as PIP (personal injury protection) or no-fault benefits. PIP benefits help pay for medical bills and lost income if you are hurt in […]

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Piece of paper with the words automobile insurance coverage on it.

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance It is routine. We put on our shoes, grab our keys, and head off to start the day.  Unfortunately, we don’t think about car insurance as we turn the key in the ignition. Most of us don’t think about it at all until it is necessary. With an average […]

Never Ignore Car Accident Injury Symptoms

White man with a gray beard sitting on a couch, pinching the bridge of his nose and appearing in pain. Car accident injury symptoms are sometimes subtle.

Never Ignore These Car Accident Injury Symptoms Serious injuries, such as broken bones or severe lacerations, clearly need immediate medical attention. But some injuries mask themselves with only mild symptoms that go untreated. Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of accident-related injuries are often subtle. Symptoms can be delayed and not appear for several hours or […]