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Crocker Law Firm helps people who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents and families of people who have been killed on motorcycles.

Sadly, because bikers are so exposed, motorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic injury or death. You need a lawyer with experience in settling or litigating motorcycle accidents to deal with the unique challenges in these cases.

How Crocker Law Firm can help you

It is important to get help quickly while the motorcycle, skid marks, debris and other important evidence is still available. It also takes a huge burden from you and your family to have our help right away. Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Gather the police report, witness statements, and scene photographs
  • Deal with the insurance companies, taking over the paperwork and taking the calls
  • Examine the vehicles, using an expert when needed
  • Coordinate medical bill payments with car and health insurance
  • Document and claim your wage loss
  • Direct you to doctors who can help you and who will work with your insurance
  • Gather your medical bills and necessary reports from your doctors
  • In the event of a death, help set up the estate and pursue a wrongful death claim

Understanding your damages - What can you be awarded money for?

Property Damage – It is important to consider any customizations or enhancements you have made to your motorcycle when settling the property damage. We also claim the loss of your helmet, clothing, and damaged items you were carrying on your person or motorcycle.

Medical Bills and Future Medical Bills – Your medical bills are part of your claim. If you are left with a permanent injury or one that will require future treatment, we can also pursue future medical expenses. We may have to take special medical proof to show the care you will likely need in the future and the cost of that care.

Pain and Suffering – We spend a lot of time with our clients to understand what they have gone through – the physical pain, the psychological trauma, the disruption of life that comes with going from doctor to doctor, and the loss of enjoyment of life. Whether we are presenting your case to a jury or to an insurance adjuster in settlement, we will tell your story to make your suffering understood.

Wage Loss and Future Wage Loss – We will document your loss of income, and may use experts to show how your lasting injury is likely to hurt your ability to make a living in the future (impairment of earning capacity).

Wrongful Death – If your spouse, child, or parent has been killed in a motorcycle wreck we will help you set up an estate and pursue a wrongful death claim. This includes claims for loss of income to take care of the family, and compensation for the suffering this loss has caused.

Punitive Damages – You can be entitled to extra money when the person who struck the motorcycle acted with flagrant indifference to the life and safety of the person hurt or killed. Punitive damages are often sought in drunk driving cases.

Kentucky no-fault insurance & motorcycles

In Kentucky, after a car wreck, the first $10,000 of related medical bills and wage loss (up to $200 per week) is paid by insurance on the car you are in when a wreck happens. This money is paid no matter who is at fault and can be paid out before your liability claim is settled. This type of coverage is commonly called no-fault coverage. It is also called “personal injury protection” or PIP coverage. The statute calls the no-fault payments “basic reparation benefits,” or BRB.

Legally Speaking

Motorcycle Insurance

Kentucky car insurance automatically includes no-fault coverage. Motorcycle insurance policies are NOT required to include no-fault coverage. This coverage is optional on a motorcycle – you have to ask for it. If you do not purchase no-fault coverage on your motorcycle you will not be able to collect the first $10,000 of your medical bills and wage loss from the at-fault driver. You will not be compensated for that loss at all.

A moped is not a motorcycle (see below). If you have a wreck on a moped, scooter, go cart, or ATV you will be treated as a pedestrian, which means that the no-fault coverage of the vehicle that strikes you is responsible for the first $10,000 of your medical bills.

Is your bike a motorcycle or a moped?

It may seem obvious that your bike is a moped or scooter, but you might be surprised to find that Kentucky law considers it a motorcycle. In Kentucky, the engine size is one of the factors that determines whether your bike is a moped or a motorcycle.

A moped is defined as a motorized bicycle with:

A cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cc and rated not more than two brake horsepower
An automatic transmission not requiring clutching or shifting by the operator after drive system is engaged; and
Capable of going no more than 30 miles per hour

See KRS 189.285

You may think of your bike as a moped, but if it does not meet the criteria above, the law will treat it as a motorcycle, requiring it to be registered, insured, and operated by a licensed driver.

Types of accidents we handle

We help people hurt in collisions that involve semi trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycles. We help people who have been hurt and the families of people who have been catastrophically injured or killed. There are different considerations in these different types of accidents:

What our clients are saying

Personal Injury Attorney, Cyndi Crocker, talks with a male client and his son after a car accident

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