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As you can imagine, when a crash happens between a bicyclist and a motor vehicle, it is most likely the cyclist who suffers. At Crocker Law Firm we have represented many people who have been badly injured while riding a bicycle. Sadly, we have also represented the families of people killed on bikes. It is critical that drivers respect the rights of cyclists and share the road. Distracted driving is particularly dangerous to the pedestrians and cyclists, who are harder to see than an approaching car. If you or someone in your family has been hit while riding a bicycle, call Crocker Law Firm right away. It does not cost anything to have us review the case and discuss it with you.

Why it is important to act quickly after a bike accident

When someone is hit while riding a bike, early investigation is very important. We want to examine the scene for evidence, including skid marks and debris. We want to examine the motor vehicle and the bicycle before either are repaired or discarded. We want to interview witnesses. We may want to secure cell phone records to determine whether the driver was talking or texting. It is important to call a lawyer right after the accident before this critical evidence disappears.

Car insurance for a bike accident with a vehicle

In Kentucky, cyclists are treated like pedestrians for purposes of no-fault insurance and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This means that there may be coverage for some of your losses from the car the struck you as well as from cars in your household, even though those cars were not involved in the crash. Insurance coverage can be complicated. Call Crocker Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the various polices that might apply to your bicycle wreck.

Dogs – The other common cause of bike crashes

At Crocker Law Firm, car crashes make up the majority of bicycle crash cases we deal with. However, we have also had a number of cases where cyclist were seriously injured in falls caused by dogs running in front of or into the bike. When a dog causes a bike crash the dog’s owner may be responsible and homeowners’ insurance may apply to the claim. Part of our investigation of the case is locating insurance coverage.
Personal Injury Attorney, Cyndi Crocker, talks with a male client and his son after a car accident

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