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There is not much more frightening than being struck by a car. At Crocker Law Firm we have represented many people who were hit while walking, riding a bicycle, or standing in a parking lot, parking garage, or driveway. We have even had a client struck in her front yard by a speeding vehicle operated by a distracted and reckless driver who completely lost control of the car. If you or someone in your family was struck by a vehicle, call Crocker Law Firm right away. There is no charge to have us review your case and discuss it with you.

Why you need to act quickly

In a two car collision the damage to the vehicles often tells the story of how the accident occurred. When a car hits a person, there is often more confusion. We want to conduct an investigation right away, while the skid marks and debris are still there. We want to talk to witnesses while memories are fresh. We want to examine the car that hit you before it is repaired or destroyed.

What you can recover money for

If you are hit by a car you have a claim against the at-fault driver for the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and wage loss. If your injury is lasting you can claim future medical bills, future loss of income, and future suffering. Being hit by a car is terrifying and can cause psychological trauma as well as physical harm. We will help you find treatment for the emotional anguish and will present this suffering as part of your claim.

Pedestrians and no-fault insurance

In Kentucky, the first $10,000 of certain losses, including medical bills, are paid by no-fault insurance. In a typical accident no-fault coverage comes from the insurance on the car you are in when the accident occurs. If you are struck as a pedestrian, the car that strikes you provides the no-fault insurance. This is true even if the striking car did not cause the accident. For example, if a car is struck from behind and thrown into you, the car that makes contact with you provides the no-fault insurance. In fact, even if you are at fault, the insurance on the car that hit you provides no-fault insurance. When the car that should provide no-fault coverage is uninsured there are other places we can look for this coverage. Don’t assume it does not exist.
Personal Injury Attorney, Cyndi Crocker, talks with a male client and his son after a car accident

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