Rockin’ Trick or Treat 2023

Rockin' Trick or Treat 2023 at Bowling Green Ballpark

A FREE trick-or-treating event at Bowling Green Ballpark, brought to you by Crocker Law Firm and D93 on Thursday Oct 26 from 4:30pm-7:30pm!

How Is Fault Attributed After a Car Accident?

How Is Fault Attributed After a Car Accident? There is a lot of confusion about how fault works in a car accident case. Can you recover money for your damages if you are partially at fault? How will my own mistake or negligence limit my claim? It’s confusing because the answer will vary depending on […]

High-Tech Vehicle Crash Reporting

Futuristic instrument panel of vehicle. high tech vehicles have special crash reporting

High-Tech Vehicle Crash Reporting Rapidly evolving technology affects almost every aspect of our daily lives, including our vehicles. Advanced driver assistance features are readily available on most new cars and trucks. These high-tech, automated vehicles may present new risks and safety concerns. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to ensure that these automated […]

What to Do If You’re In a Hit and Run Accident

A wrecked car involved in a hit and run accdient.

What to Do If You’re In a Hit and Run Accident Leaving the scene of an accident, especially when people are hurt, is simply wrong. And, in Kentucky and Tennessee, it is also illegal. Under the Kentucky Revised Statutes and Tennessee Code Annotated, a driver involved in an accident where someone is injured or killed […]

Future Medical Benefits in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Image of a calculator sitting atop medical bills, which are an important consideration in workers' compensation cases.

Future Medical Benefits in Workers’ Compensation Cases At Crocker Law Firm, we represent workers’ compensation clients with a wide variety of injuries. Depending on the injury’s severity, you may need medical treatment well into the future, including therapy, pain management, or even surgery. So, how does that work? When you resolve your case through settlement, […]

Car Accidents While Working

A truck after a car accident

Car Accidents While Working What happens if someone suffers an injury due to a motor vehicle collision while they are working? What kind of benefits are they entitled to? First, that person would want to pursue their rights under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. This could include payment of medical expenses, wage payment while they […]

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

Airport information car rental sign light panel giving directions in departure lounge.

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance? Maybe you are taking the family on a cross-country adventure, or you just need a car to get you to work while yours is in the shop. Either way, renting a car is not just about getting the right size at the lowest price. It’s about making the right […]

4 Tips to Help Your Teen Driver

A side view photo of a teenage driver in a car as her mother sits next to her and hands her the keys to drive.

4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Driver Ask any parent of a teenager about driving, and you will get a mix of responses. We are thrilled to turn over school commutes and after-practice pickups. We appreciate not having to provide transportation for a teen’s budding social life. Still, underneath, all of us are at least […]