Choose Your PIP Wisely

African American Male hands with a document in front of him that says "insurance" on it. PIP is important to add to your insurance plan.

Choose Your PIP Wisely Making good, informed choices is important when purchasing car insurance. Kentucky law requires every car insurance policy to provide at least $10,000 in basic reparations benefits, commonly known as PIP (personal injury protection) or no-fault benefits. PIP benefits help pay for medical bills and lost income if you are hurt in […]

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Piece of paper with the words automobile insurance coverage on it.

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance It is routine. We put on our shoes, grab our keys, and head off to start the day.  Unfortunately, we don’t think about car insurance as we turn the key in the ignition. Most of us don’t think about it at all until it is necessary. With an average […]