Do I Have the Right of Way?

A photo of a traffic roundabout, which is often a confusing place to figure right of way for drivers.

Who Has the Right of Way? Whether you are driving, walking, or riding a bike, you share the roadways with others. Kentucky laws help direct travel on or near the roads. Understanding who has the right of way can reduce your risk of an accident. Under Kentucky law, you have the right of way if […]

Driver and Pedestrian Duties

Illustration of a motor vehicle turning and a pedestrian woman walking across a street.

Driver and Pedestrian Duties All states, including Kentucky and Tennessee, want to keep their citizens safe. Therefore, every state has laws that specify the legal duties for pedestrians and drivers using roadways. These duties apply to all drivers and all pedestrians. The purpose of legal duties is to decrease the risk of injuries involving pedestrian […]

Changes to Driver’s License Renewal Announced for Kentuckians

Template of new driver's license in kentucky.

Changes to Driver’s License Renewal Announced for Kentuckians By June 30, 2022, Kentucky residents will no longer be able to renew or obtain a driver’s license from their local circuit court clerk’s office. Instead, Kentuckians will be required to either renew online or go in-person to a regional Kentucky Transportation Cabinet office. Of 18 regional […]